The Centre operates for the purposes of assisting in the co-operation on international, national and regional levels among government bodies, local authorities, non-governmental organisations (associations), the business community and any other entities and individuals involved in environmental protection through exchange of information and assistance. The Centre also promotes broad public participation in the decision-making process relating to the protection of the environment.

RREC strategic goals

The RREC is to provide relevant services and support to all groups of stakeholders (NGOs, governments, private sector in addressing environmental related issues.
  • To promote the most efficient decisions of environmental problems which Russia faces;
  • To support and develop dialogue and co-operation among all stakeholders, legal entities and individuals in environmental protection and transition to sustainable development .
  • To contribute to development of civil society in Russia;
  • To provide expertise to governmental bodies at federal and regional levels in the issues of environment and sustainable development;
  • To assist in the exchange and dissemination of information on environment and sustainable development between governmental bodies and NGOs;
  • To strengthen dialogue between Russia and European Union in the area of environmental protection and sustainable development;
  • To disseminate the best practices in environmental protection area and replicate positive results at the regional and federal levels;
  • To assist involving business community into solution of environmental problems;
  • To promote public participation in environmental decision-making;
  • To become the focal point in area of implementation by the Russian Federation its international environmental and sustainable development obligations;
  • To play role of resource centre for supporting public initiatives in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development.