"RREC has relevant potential for providing support to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia within the framework of Environment for Europe Process and implementing the functions of the Secretariat according to set framework"

V. Stepankov, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources of Russia in 2004-2006

Strengthening EU-Russia cooperation on climate and energy

Co-operation between EU and Russia in the field of climate change and energy is organized within the framework of two sector dialogues aimed at implementation of provisions of the EU-Russia Roadmap on Common Economic Space. Till recently both issues have been considered separately within the frameworks of corresponding Dialogues.

The Joint Meeting of EU-Russia Climate Change Subgroup and Thematic Group on Energy Efficiency was held on 28th February 2008 in Moscow. The meeting was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, Ministry of Economic Development, Roshydromet, EC, German Energy Agency (DENA) and other experts and interested parties from business and public sectors.

The event was focused on the best practices of EU and Russia related to technological solutions, policy and financial tools aimed at improvement of energy efficiency and climate change mitigation.

As a result of the meeting, the priority areas for cooperation were identified and outlined in the joint statement, which was signed by the Co-Chairs of the Working groups.

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20 20 by 2020 Climate action and renewable energy package 318.5 KB
European energy policy and CHP1.51 MB
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REEEP’s Action for Climate and Energy Security 130 KB
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State policy on energy efficiency as a priority of energy strategy of Russia1.28 MB
Improving Energy Efficiency and Reducing Emissions in DH and Buildings394.43 KB
Climate Change and Energy: Common interests and challenges for EU and Russia 288.5 KB
ESCOs and performance-contracts as tools for enhancement of energy efficiency in a budgetary sector of the Russian Federation 90.5 KB
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