"Russian Regional Environmental Centre can play an important role in raising attention towards environmental issues and strengthening environmental civil society"

Margot Wallstrцm, EU Commissioner on environment in 1999-2004


Europe's Environment: An Assessment of Assessments

13/09/2011 Europe's Environment: An Assessment of Assessments (EE-AoA) takes stock of the existing European environmental assessment landscape, particularly in the fields of water and related ecosystems and the green economy, and asks whether these are appropriate to support the policy process given the complex interconnected nature of the environmental challenges faced today.

Russian President has named the key environmental challenges for modernisation of the Russian economy

30/06/2011 At it’s twenty-fifth meeting the Commission for Modernisation and Technological Development of Russia’s Economy examined the priority modernisation areas’ environmental aspects.

5 June - World Environment Day

05/06/2011 World Environment Day is an annual event that is aimed at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action

Seminar Series on Partnerships for Sustainable Development

25/04/2011 We are proud to announce the annual Seminar Series on Partnerships for Sustainable Development. The trainings will take place in Istanbul and in Venice, for a total of two weeks.

Odyssey 2050: Creative Contest on Climate Change for Young Muscovites

19/04/2011 Have you ever wanted to be a part of a team making a feature-length movie? Here is your chance!

Media-project 'The Melting Snow Queen and Other New Andersen Fairy Tales'

10/05/2010 The overall purpose of the project was to increase awareness and draw attention of the Russian general public to the climate change challenge
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Invitation for Seminar Series

09/03/2010 The Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea of Italy (IMELS) is proud to announce the Seminar Series: Partnerships for Sustainable Development for civil servants from governments and local authorities in Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, the Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine, as well as for high level business executives.

“To Highlight the Path to Copenhagen” Media-project for Russian Federal Journalists on Climate Change

02/04/2009 The Danish-Russian media project, initiated jointly by the Russian Regional Environmental Centre and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), Danish Embassy in Moscow, Climate Consortium Denmark and the ROCKWOOL company is aimed at increasing awareness on climate change and the need for further ambitious actions to reduce human impact on the environment among Russian stakeholders, including policy-makers, business community, academia, and general public.

Nord Stream and public control: International Meeting of Nord Stream AG with Baltic NGOs

30/05/2008 The Round Table devoted to the gas pipeline planned to be constructed on the seabed of the Baltic Sea, took place on in Riga on May 14, 2008. NGOs of the Baltic Region met with experts of Company Nord Stream AG.NGOs from Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden and Estonia represented the public of the region. The company was represented by 7 specialists: Permitting Director, experts of Nord Stream AG and Ramboll,company’s manager in the field of the communication with the public.

Member of the Public Chamber Vladislav Grib offers legal advice to citizens and NCB

14/04/2008 Member of the Public Chamber of Russia, the chairman of the public organization "All-National Union of human rights" Man and the Law ", Ph.D., associate professor Vladislav Grib offers legal advice.