"RREC has relevant potential for providing support to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia within the framework of Environment for Europe Process and implementing the functions of the Secretariat according to set framework"

V. Stepankov, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources of Russia in 2004-2006

Environmental Law Enforcement

Environmental enforcement and compliance is one of the main resources for improving the efficiency of environmental policy. Reaching environmental objectives envisages systematic actions aimed at ensuring and promoting environmental enforcement and compliance.

These actions are of special importance for countries of EECCA region not only in terms of the need of reaching environmental objectives but also in order to strengthen confidence in government authorities and legislation.

In this regard bodies of the state environmental control working at the turn of interests of the state, natural resource users and public have to increase their effectiveness and efficiency, become more transparent and use democratic norms of management.

The main task of this activity is to ensure economically valid and effective protection of human health and the environment. In order to address this issue systems of environmental enforcement and compliance are being created.

They include elements for prevention and remediation of consequences of jurisdictional irregularities in order to positively influence regulated communities and environmental compliance. Voluntary observance of law and changes in behavior might be considered as the main objectives of control activities.

The existing system of environmental enforcement and compliance in the Russian Federation, as well as in other EECCA countries, is not effective and needs to be reformed and strengthened. In this regard an important factor is to introduce positive experience and best practices of progressive countries of Europe and other regions, adjusted to specific conditions of the Russian Federation.

Within the framework of this activity field RREC

  • Facilitates compliance with the environmental legislative requirements and encourages strengthening of the environmental supervisory agencies in Russia
  • Consults on environmental law issues
  • Develop overview of the best environmental law practices
  • Improve qualification of environmental inspectors and specialists


Further Strengthening of Environmental Enforcement and Compliance in the North-Western Region of the Russian Federation within the Framework of the Environment Strategy for the Countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA)