"RREC has relevant potential for providing support to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia within the framework of Environment for Europe Process and implementing the functions of the Secretariat according to set framework"

V. Stepankov, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources of Russia in 2004-2006


Research and analytical assignments are one of the core activities of RREC. The hight level of competency and extensive expertise in various environmental issues enabled RREC participation in the international processes, research projects and programs.

RREC is a member of the following professional associations and centres:

  • Association of Managers of Russia
  • Association of Companies of the International Trade Chamber in Russia
  • Consultative Council for Russian Public organizations
  • Association of the independent centers for economic analysis.

RREC experts are invited as consultants for participation in the different projects at the international level. For instance, RREC experts and were invited to contribute to the meeting of the heads of the governmental bodies in charge of regulation of environmental and technological safety in energy sector of G8 coutries.

Among other relevant projects are: