"RREC provided tangible input towards organization and technical support of the Dialogue on Environment between EU and Russia and successfully implemented coordination of negotiation process"

Ulrich Weins. Head of the Department on Science and Environment, European Comission Delegation to Russia

The small grants program “Sustainable Development of Caspian Communities”

The small grant program on sustainable development of Caspian Communities was a part of the EC Caspian Environmental Program.

The grant projects included two calls for proposals for 4 countries with overall budget of 1.2 mln euro.
The program was implemented in 2004-2006 in 4 Caspian countries: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia.

Russian regions were represented by Astrakhan oblast, Republic of Dagestan and Kalmykiya.

The program goal is to prevent depletion of natural resources of Caspian Sea.

The projects which received funding

  • Improved environmental situation along the Caspian coast line vie development of alternative livelihoods for local communities.
  • Raised awareness of local population on environmental protection of Caspian Sea.
  • Provided local communities with additional opportunities for environmental and resource protection of Caspian Sea.