"RREC provided tangible input towards organization and technical support of the Dialogue on Environment between EU and Russia and successfully implemented coordination of negotiation process"

Ulrich Weins. Head of the Department on Science and Environment, European Comission Delegation to Russia

First Grant Program

The First Grant Program was launched in 2002 and finished in 2004. The program was aimed at development of civil society in Russia and strengthening of the role of the public sector in solving environmental problems.

Three project calls were announces during the grant program. The proposals from 258 organization were received, whilst 48 organizations received funding.

The projects covered 32 regions of Russia and vasted from Kaliningrad Oblast to Far East.

The projects activities included the whole range of the most acute environmental problems. 90% of projects were aimed at public engagement into development and implementation of the local environmental plans, conduction of public environmental campaigns, development of public participation mechanisms, facilitation of dialogue between private and public sector; 6% of the proposal addressed the issues of the environmental law enforcement, and 4% of the proposals addressed other environmental challenges.