"RREC provided tangible input towards organization and technical support of the Dialogue on Environment between EU and Russia and successfully implemented coordination of negotiation process"

Ulrich Weins. Head of the Department on Science and Environment, European Comission Delegation to Russia

Support for Russia Gas Industry to participate in Kyoto Protocol mechanisms

The general goal of the project is preparation of the methodology for fugitive methane emission estimation at the business unit level in the Russian gas sector and recommendations for control of the fugitive emissions related to implementation of Kyoto Protocol flexibility mechanisms.

The project is particularly aimed at development of specific methodology for calculation of the effects of fugitive methane emission reduction projects in the natural gas distribution systems of Russia.

The project aims to carry out a pilot low-cost investment measure on control of fugitive methane emissions in Kaliningrad City with special focus on opportunities replicated in other regions across Russia. This is a unique project for the national gas sector that would provide first experience of accounting for methane GHG emission control in Russia.

The project covers the following major activities:

  • Development of a methodology for inventory of the fugitive emissions of methane at corporate level in the Russian gas sector, preparation of the methodological recommendations on fugitive GHG emission inventory for introduction into the system of the Russian gas distribution company “Rosgasification”;
  • Assessment of fugitive methane emissions from municipal gas distribution system in Kaliningrad, including inventory of the emissions in Kaliningradgasification company, analysis of the emission reduction potential of different measures for control of fugitive methane emissions from municipal natural gas networks in Kaliningrad City;
  • Implementation of a small scale pilot project for reduction of fugitive methane emissions in Kaliningrad City;
  • Development of the recommendation on GHG registry at the company level.

The beneficiaries of the project are the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ministry of Industry and Energy, Ministry of Natural Resources, Rosgasification company (leading owner of the Russian gas distribution networks), Kaliningradgasification company, and other stakeholders.

The Project and its results were presented and discussed at a series of seminars / meetings with participation of the Russian governmental bodies, businesses and NGOs, that were carried out during October 2003 - November 2004.