"RREC has relevant potential for providing support to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia within the framework of Environment for Europe Process and implementing the functions of the Secretariat according to set framework"

V. Stepankov, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources of Russia in 2004-2006

EU-Russia Environmental cooperation

Environmental issues has been always one of the inarguable common values of Russia and EU, as protection of environment requires joint efforts and coordinated efforts regardless policy differences.

The environment issues are considered as priority in 2 key documents which define political basis for EU-Russia cooperation: (1) the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement mentioned earlier and the Common Strategy of the European Union on Russia adopted in June 1999 in Cologne.

It was stated in the Strategy that the environment is the joint property of the peoples of Russia and the European Union and that sustainable use of natural resources, utilization of nuclear wastes, air and water pollution control, especially in the transboundary context, are high priority issues for the given region.

Considering these facts, as well as mission and history of RREC, strengthening environmental cooperation between Russia and EU has become of the essential area of RREC activities.

Within this thematic area RREC:

  • Assist in implementation of the provisions of EU-Russia Dialogue on Environment of the the Road Map for the Common Economic Space,
  • Provide information support for the Dialogue on Environment,
  • Promote convergence of EU and Russia environmental standards,
  • Provide technical support for environmental projects implementation.