"RREC provided tangible input towards organization and technical support of the Dialogue on Environment between EU and Russia and successfully implemented coordination of negotiation process"

Ulrich Weins. Head of the Department on Science and Environment, European Comission Delegation to Russia

LEAP for Gurievsk district of Kaliningrad Oblast

Action Plan in the field of environment protection of the Gouryevsky municipal district (till 2009 – Gouryevsky urban district) of Kaliningrad oblast for 2009-2013 was developed in compliance with the requirements of federal, regional and local normative-legal acts, with the account of international practice and in pursuance of the Resolution of the Head of Administration of the Gouryevsky municipal district of 11 April 2008 № 2005 «On the development of the Environmental Action Plan for the Gouryevsky municipal district».

The Action Plan is aimed at promotion of sustainable development of the Gouryevsky municipal district in the result of improving environmental situation, organization of effective use of natural resources and, through this, at increasing investment attractiveness of the district, improving life quality of population.

In order to achieve the set objective with participation of all parties concerned (representatives of district administration, Council of deputies, housing and communal services, environmental, educational, public organisations, mass media) target priorities of the Action Plan were determined — priority problems, solution of which is required first of all:

(1) pollution of water objects;
(2) low quality of drinking water supply;
(3) pollution of the territory by production and domestic waste;
(4) danger to green plants;
(5) low level of ecological culture.

On the basis of study and analysis of the formulated priority problems measures for their addressing were determined (including performers, terms of realization, volumes and sources of measures financing), indicators were developed, making it possible to monitor the state of priority problems, and consequently, efficiency of the Action Plan implementation.

Action Plan was developed by the working group, established in compliance with the resolution of the Head of Administration of the Gouryevsky municipal district of 11 April 2008 № 2005 «On the development of Environmental Action Plan of the Gouryevsky municipal district», under scientific and methodic, organizational and financial support of Russian Regional Environmental Centre (RREC) and Research and Designing Institute «Cadastre».