"Russian Regional Environmental Centre can play an important role in raising attention towards environmental issues and strengthening environmental civil society"

Margot Wallstrцm, EU Commissioner on environment in 1999-2004

Member of the Public Chamber Vladislav Grib offers legal advice to citizens and NCB

Member of the Public Chamber of Russia, the chairman of the public organization "All-National Union of human rights" Man and the Law ", Ph.D., associate professor Vladislav Grib offers legal advice.

In the Public Chamber receives thousands of letters today to assist in solving critical problems. We hope that in this section you will find answers to the most pressing and urgent issues.

Welcome to communicate non-profit organizations in need of assistance in addressing problems in a variety of legal areas (except in matters of criminal law): the registration or re-NCB, taxation, employment and contractual relationships, intellectual property and relationships associated with the rental and property, and also in any other areas where the required legal knowledge.

"Legal Advice" would allow the House to place before the Public entities legislative initiative issues for the law.

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