"RREC has relevant potential for providing support to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia within the framework of Environment for Europe Process and implementing the functions of the Secretariat according to set framework"

V. Stepankov, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources of Russia in 2004-2006

Management Reference Book for Environmental Inspectorates

The expertise and experience of the participants within IMPEL make the network uniquely qualified to work on certain of the technical and regulatory aspects of EU environmental legislation. The Network’s objective is to create the necessary impetus in the European Community to make progress on ensuring a more effec-tive application of environmental legislation. It promotes the exchange of infor-mation and experience and the development of greater consistency of approach in the implementation, application and enforcement of environmental legislation, with special emphasis on Community environmental legislation. It provides a framework for policy makers, environmental inspectors and enforcement officers to exchange ideas, and encourages the development of enforcement structures and best practices.

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